Field of study

The group focuses on the function of plant hormones and the regulation of seed development.

The mechanism of auxin signal transduction and regulation of plant growth and development, auxin and brassinosteroid interactions and the mechanism of the cross with other signaling pathways regulating plant growth and development.

Plant phosphatidylinositol (phosphatidylinositol, PI) signal transduction pathway, the mechanisms of protein kinase regulate plant development through phosphorylation and function of hormones, focused on key enzyme in PI pathway, role of casein kinase in plant development and its mediated mechanism of hormone action, as well as how phospholipid molecules interact with proteins involved in the regulation of plant development.

Development of rice seed and the mechanisms of the transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of rice seed starch metabolism, focusing on the function and the mechanisms of methylation, hormones, transcription factors and miRNA participated in related processes.