Molecular Mechanism of Plant Hormone Effort

Zhi-Hong Xu, Hong-Wei Xue(editor)

The book is based on the international frontier and the latest academic research focus, systematic summary and summarizes the latest research progress in recent years in terms of plant hormone synthesis and metabolism, signal transduction and regulation of plant growth and development, from the molecular level to clarify the plant hormones relevant regulatory pathways and mechanisms. The book not only has its own distinctive characteristics, and overall better reflects the systematic and forward-looking, and its publication will help to promote basic research in the field of plant hormones, and provides theoretical support for applications in agriculture and crop genetic improvement.

The book by since October 2012 publication is loved by readers, in the publishing sector has also gained wide recognition and praise, have won the 13th Shanghai Book Award prize, excellent Technology Book Award of the 26th East China Science and Technology Press, the 3rd China Publishing Government Award nomination.

Year 2007

Project Name: Mechanisms of hormonal regulation of plant growth and development.

Award: the 2nd prize of Shanghai Natural Science Award.

Year 2005

Project Name: Functional genomics research of rice quality and resilience.

Award: the 2ND prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award.