Group Leader

Hong-Wei Xue is in the list of "Hundred Talents Program" of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He won the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young scholars in 2014. He is now the president of the National Key Laboratory of plant molecular genetics, director of Chinese plant physiology committee, executive director of the botanical Society of Chinese, director of Shanghai Institute of plant physiology, editor of EMBO Reports, Cell Res, Plant Physiol, Mol Plant, Biochem J editorial board etc,.

He hosts the 973 project "the molecular mechanism of plant endosperm development and storage substances accumulation"

He has long been engaged in higher plants hormones effect and its molecular mechanism, and crop seed development biology. Since the end of 1998, he has made originality work in plant hormones signal mechanism, signal cross, separation of important regulatory factor of plant hormones regulatory network, endosperm development and other aspects of the system. Has published nearly 70 papers, and published in 10 papers as the corresponding author in Plant Cell and 1 in EMBO J. He has 8 authorized patents. He is the chief editor of the book "plant physiology and molecular biology" and "the molecular mechanism of plant hormone”. “The molecular mechanism of plant hormones " won the third session of the Chinese publish Award, the first prize of twenty-sixth East China outstanding science and technology books , the first prize of the thirteenth session of the Shanghai book award.

Main research aspect:

The interaction of plant hormones and the mechanism of steroid hormone.

The mechanism of phosphatidylinositol signal and auxin signal cross regulation of plant development.

The separation of important regulatory factor of the transduction of hormone signal.