MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0Zhi-Hong Xu is the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Third World Academy of Sciences, professor of Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology and Peking University. He served as president of Peking University, and vice president of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is now the president of the International Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology Association, chairman of China plant physiology, China National Committee of UNESCO Man and the Biosphere, and Chinese Academy of Moral Construction Committee.

Professor Zhi-Hong Xu has long been engaged in plant developmental biology, cell culture and genetic manipulation of plants, and plant biotechnology research. In plant development, tissue and cell culture and biological engineering, He has published papers, review, a total of more than 200 articles monographs (books).

Professor Zhi-Hong Xu won the first prize of Chinese Academy of Natural Sciences, the third prize of the National Natural Science and other awards. In 1988 he was named national outstanding contributions of experts, in 1991 was named national outstanding contributions returned overseas students, and has won the honorary professor of the University of Hong Kong, the doctorate of science of UK De Montfort University, the University of Nottingham, city University of Hong Kong, Waseda University, and McGill University in Canada, an honorary doctorate of law from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and an honorary doctorate from the University of Montreal, Canada.